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Real fans already understand. It will always be the Year of the Bird. Buy the shirt! Be the flock! Join the movement! If your flock has not been represented... make the call by posting in It's the Year of the Blog section.

About It's the Year of the Bird!

It's the Year of the Bird is a movement. It is the ultimate statement to defend your flock of choice. This is NOT the movement for the fickle. Loyalty is everything. When you represent your flock there is no need to participate in reckless banter. Your shirt says it all. Buy the shirt! Be the flock! Join the movement!

Are you born of the Flock?

ITYOTB is a call to all members of the Flock. This is NOT for those individuals we call fair weather fans. ITYOTB is a call of duty to support your flock. A call to unite, be seen and be heard. ITYOTB shuts down the opposition with one phrase. Learn it... Know it... Live it... It's the Year of the Bird!

It's the Year of the Blog

  • What flock do you represent?

    Tell ITYOTB why your team or mascot should be represented. The ITYOTB design team will get your team #FLOCKCERTIFIED. It doesn't matter the age, gender, sport, or level of competition, ITYOTB wants you to join the movement. Be united as...

  • ITYOTB School Pride!

    The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Founded in 1883 The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute produces some of the best and brightest people in the world. Uniting Theory and Practice is the motto that sets the tone of achievement for its students.  Demonstrating excellence...


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